RODA SA, offers castors and wheels for institutional applications, for several applications, such as:

  • Plastic wheels, mainly used in office chairs and Points of sale and also small institutional castors which are used for small trolleys.

  • Institutional castors in 100mm and 125mm with different fittings, are used in this kind of equipment.

  • Hospital castors mainly used for hospital beds, are normally of size from 100 up to 150mm, with possibility of total lock and directional lock.

  • Phenolic black wheels are special high polymer material, suitable for use in ovens for temperature up to 28oC.

  • Zinc plated castors with black rubber, steel rim and roller bearing and nylon rim as well, are proposed to be used.

  • Stainless castors made from AISI 304 are usually used in catering equipment.

  • All castors are measured one by one so as to reassure that the Electric resistance of the wheel is within the right limits.

  • We recommend the use of noiseless castors also non marking as they are mainly used inside.

  • In a hi-design equipment, where the aesthetic is the main cause, we can offer design castors in different colors.

  • We recommend light institutional castors with load capacities up to 50-60 Kg each.

  • We recommend institutional castors, both in zinc plated version or stainless as well.

  • Made from zinc plated thick steel or for extreme loads made from fabricated welded steel.

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