Industrial castors

Industrial castors

Industrial castors, also known as industrial wheels or heavy-duty casters, are specialized wheels designed for use in demanding industrial environments. These castors are designed to handle heavy loads, provide smooth movement, and withstand the rigors of industrial applications such as manufacturing, material handling, aerospace, automotive, and many others. Industrial castors are mainly used for trolleys for the industry for a huge field of applications from 50 Kg up to 4 tones.

When selecting industrial castors, it’s essential to consider factors like load capacity, floor conditions, mobility requirements, environmental conditions, and safety regulations to ensure you choose the right castors for your specific industrial application.

Zinc plated medium duty castors (50 Kg - 300 Kg)

Zinc plated standard industrial castors with load capacities from 50Kg up to 300Kg, for the majority of applications.

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Industrial Inox castors (AISI 304)

Stainless castors are used in the food, milk and chemical industry where anti-corrosive protection is absolutely necessary.

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Zinc plated heavy duty castors (250 Kg - 1000 Kg)

Zinc plated heavy duty castors with load capacities from 250Kg up to 1000Kg each, for demanding applications.

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Steel welded extra heavy duty castors (300 Kg - 2000 Kg)

Castors made from thick steel welded support with load capacities from 300 Kg up to 2 tones each for extra heavy duty applications.

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Hi-temperature castors

Hi temperature castors are suitable mainly for ovens at working conditions up to 280οC. They are used also for very low temperatures up to -40οC.

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Zinc plated strong duty castors up to 125mm (250 Kg - 300 Kg)

Zinc plated castors for strong and heavy applications in cases where we want relatively small wheel diameter and low height.

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Loose wheels

Loose wheels of different material from 80mm diameter up to 420mm, for load capacities from 50Kg up to 4tones.

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