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A whole range of castors and wheels

Industrial castors

Industrial castors are mainly used for trolleys for the industry for a huge field of applications from 50 Kg up to 4 tones.

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Institutional Castors & Wheels

Institutional castors are mainly used for trolleys for light applications, mainly addressed to the service sector, such as hospitals, furniture, catering equipment for total load from 150Kg up to 350Kg.

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Steel zinc plated castors

Zinc plated castors for light trolleys, addressed to different applications mainly addressed to the services area, such as furniture, POS, super market trolleys and many others. From 50mm up to 150mm diameter.

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Wheels for pallet trucks

We offer a great variety of spare wheels for pallet trucks of every kind, manual and electrical as well of all the well-known brands.

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Resilient solid tyres for fork lift trucks

Tyres of electrick pallet trucks in different dimensions, also available in non-marking version for clean floors.

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Hospital castors

Castors for hospital beds, hospital equipment and wheelchairs.

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Furniture wheels

Plastic wheels for furniture, office chair, Points of sales in various dimensions and fittings.

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Wheels for elevators

Wheels for elevators (lifts) form Polyurethane with cast iron rim from 80mm up to 125mm. Mainly used for the movement of the chassis (car sling) of hydraulic elevators (lifts).

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Hand pallet trucks

Hand pallet trucks are the ideal solution for transport of heavy loads up to 2,5 tones. We offer also Stainless for the food industry.

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Hand carts

Hand carts are the ideal solution for easy and ergonomic handling of loads up to 350 Kg.

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Ball units

Ball Transfer Units are the ideal solution when loads need to be moved smoothly, precisely and with minimum effort in any direction.

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