Zinc plated swivel castor 100mm for light trolleys,wheel made of Polyurethane-Silicon,double ball bearings.Top plate fitting

Swivel castor 100mm from Polyurethane- Silicon (M100SPUSTS)


Swivel castor, steel support, top plate fitting.Wheel 100x27mm,Polyurethane- Silicon double ball bearings

products_height4-6,897/8" plaiproducts_diametern_bearing4" products_weight130Lb
bearing_typeBall bearings
Technical data
column_header Swivel
Type of fitting Top plate
Wheel Material Polyurethane- Silicon
Wheel Center Polypropylene
Standard EN-12530
Offset (in) 1-4,592/8"
Top Plate (in) 2-2,897/8x2-2,897/8"
Bolt Holes Spacing (in) 1-5,536/8 / 1-7,432/8 X 1-5,536/8 / 1-7,432/8"
Thread Width (in) 7,552/8"
shA Hardness 82shA
Static Load Capacity (Lb) 308,644Lb
Thermal Range (F) -26,11F/+48F
Top Plate Holes (in) 2,016/8"
Other dimensions
Product Code Wheel Diameter Bearing Type Height Capacity
M050PUSTS 2" Ball bearings 2-7,149/8" 55Lb
M075PUSTS 3" Ball bearings 3-7,811/8" 77Lb
M100PUSTS 4" Ball bearings 4-6,897/8" 110Lb
M125PUSTS 5" Ball bearings 5-6,771/8" 130Lb