Stainless swivel castor 75mm for light trolleys,wheel made of grey rubber,single precision ball bearing.Bolt stem fitting

Swivel castor 75mm from grey rubber (SX075TPSBSGP)


Swivel castor, stainless support, bolt stem M12X25mm.Wheel 75x32mm,non marking grey rubber (82shA) single precision bearing,plastic threadguards

products_height109mm plaiproducts_diametern_bearing75mm products_weight70Kg
stainlessStainless bearing_typeSingle precision ball bearing

Notice 1: the wheel can be available also with stainless single precision bearing. Relative Article Nr. SX075TPSXBSGP.Notice 2: the wheel can be available also in different hardness 55shA, 72shA etc. upon request
Technical data
column_header Swivel
Type of fitting Bolt stem
Wheel Material Grey rubber
Wheel Center Polypropylene
Standard EN-12530
Offset (mm) 28mm
Bolt Stem (mm) M12X25mm
Thread Width (mm) 32mm
shA Hardness 82shA
Static Load Capacity (Kg) 140Kg
Thermal Range (oC) -15C/+80C
Weight/Castor (Kg) 0,474Kg
Other dimensions
Product Code Wheel Diameter Bearing Type Height Capacity
SX100TPSBSGP 100mm Single precision ball bearing 131,5mm 90Kg
SX125TPSBSGP 125mm Single precision ball bearing 156,5mm 100Kg