Coloured total lock castor 75mm for light trolleys,wheel made of Black rubber,plain bearing.Bolt hole fitting

Total lock castor 75mm from Black rubber (MC075TPAHSBKGc11110)


Swivel+brake castor,epoxy coated support black colour, bolt hole fitting (10,2mm).Wheel 75x24mm,non marking black rubber (82shA) plain bearing, epoxy coated threadguards black colour

products_height3-7,811/8" plaiproducts_diametern_bearing3" products_weight132,276Lb
bearing_typePlain bearing

Notice: the castor can be available also in different sizes , fittings and colors upon request
Technical data
column_header Swivel+brake
Type of fitting Hole fitting
Wheel Material Black rubber
Wheel Center Polypropylene
Standard EN-12530
Offset (in) 1-1,6/8"
Bolt Hole Fitting (in) 3,208/8"
Thread Width (in) 7,552/8"
shA Hardness 82shA
Static Load Capacity (Lb) 264,552bLb
Thermal Range (F) -26,11F/+48F
Swivel Ratio (in) 3-4,656/8"