Wheels for elevators 125mm. Polyurethane thread with cast iron rim and Double ball bearings

Wheel for elevator 125mm (RD125XOS20T30)


Wheel for elevators, 125x30mm, Polyurethane thread with cast iron rim, double ball bearings, bore diameter 20mm

plaiproducts_diametern_bearing125mm products_weight300Kg
bearing_typeBall bearings

Notice 1: the wheel can be available also with original SKF double ball bearings. Relative Article Nr. RD125XOSRST30.Notice 2: the wheel can be available also without the bearing, only with the bearing seat (47mm).Relative Article Nr. RD125XOS00T30

Technical data
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Wheel Center Cast iron
Thread Width (mm) 30mm
shA Hardness 92shA
Static Load Capacity (Kg) 600Kg
Thermal Range (oC) -20C/+C50
Weight/Castor (Kg) 1,18Kg
Bore Diameter (mm) 20mm
Hub Length (mm) 30mm
Other dimensions
Product Code Wheel Diameter Bearing Type Height Capacity
RD80SXOS20T 80mm Ball bearings mm 225Kg
RD85SXOS20T 85mm Ball bearings mm 225Kg
RD100XOS20T30 100mm Ball bearings mm 300Kg